20% of our proceeds are donated to nonprofits providing reentry assistance for people coming home after incarceration. $30,000+ raised to date.


We are the Forgive Everyone Collective

We sell shirts that inspire abolitionist imagination.

20% of our proceeds are donated to help individuals who have been imprisoned successfully reintegrate back into society. We have raised $30,000+ and counting thanks to your purchases!

The rest of the proceeds fund our activism and political education work in the form of storytelling, resource guides, and online blog.

We believe justice and accountability should include investment in growth, transformation, and restoration.

We believe in second chances.

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Yves Mathieu: Model, Musician, and Activist

in our "Free Angela" Tee.


2.3 Million people are incarcerated in the U.S.A alone.

More per capita than any other country in the world. We believe that is a problem.

We use our platform to educate others on what a prison-less world could look like and the steps we can take to get there.

We fund and publish journalism, create toolkits and resource guides, organize campaigns for justice, and write the life stories of formerly incarcerated people.

We believe everyone is more than the worst thing they have ever done and that true justice and accountability include transformation and healing.

Aaron Kinzel: Formerly Incarcerated

Read His Story

We are a community of people growing and learning together about what it takes to create a more just world; a world without cages.

We are a place for people of all backgrounds and passions to learn how to engage the concepts of justice, accountability, and punishment through more forgiving lens.

We are not a clothing brand.

We are a community, that sells merch.

Our clothes are an outward expression of an inner journey and way of being. When you wear our clothing, you are making a statement that you believe in the power of forgiveness.


It’s not an easy task, but we find encouragement in the word’s of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “the answer was only to be found in persistent trying, perpetual experimentation, persevering togetherness.”


We are happy you’re here.

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