Forgive Everyone Co. is dedicated to responsibly handling all resources, organizations, and individuals that contribute to the production and operation of the company.

We feel a strong calling to preserve and build community, use environmentally safe materials, and use our profits for social good.


The Forgive Everyone Collective only employs formerly incarcerated people in full time paid positions in screen printing, design, fulfillment, quality control, and more. We pay a minimum wage of $15 per hour and provide healthcare benefits and paid time off. In addition, we distribute a shared portion of profits to all formerly incarcerated team members quarterly. We aim to not only provide stable, well-paying employment; but also a fulfilling, engaging, and communal work environment where everyone's needs are met and people are comfortable being their full authentic selves.

All of our garments are produce by suppliers who have undergone rigorous 3rd party certifications to verify that they are not utilizing sweatshops in their production and that their employees are working in safe environments, being paid fairly, and are treated with respect. 


We have a great love for this beautiful blue and green sphere that we are all lucky to call home. We want this beautiful world to be preserved and continue to thrive for all future generations. We recognize that how we operate our business and source our products has an effect on this future. For that reason we source all of our apparel from manufacturers that have set standards for environmental sustainability and are continuously working to lessen their negative environmental impact and carbon footprint.

We print all of our shirts in house. We only use environmentally safe chemicals, and materials from eco-friendly suppliers. We re-use, reclaim, and recycle as many materials as possible.

Every shirt we print on is produced in WRAP certified facilities. WRAP is a worldwide accredited 3rd party certification agency that places their stamp of approval only on companies that provide ethical working conditions and reduce their harm on the environment. Learn more about WRAP here.

We are partnered with Sendle to provide fast, carbon-neutral shipping. Sendle carbon offsets every shipment, minimizing harm done to the environment in the shipping process. Additionally, we ship everything in recyclable bags.


We donate 20% of the proceeds from each sale on our merch store to bail funds and abolitionist grassroots organizations. The remaining proceeds allow us to cover our monthly operating expenses and employ formerly incarcerated people; paying fair wages and healthcare benefits and providing a fulfilling workplace for all. 


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Our shipping is Carbon Neutral!

We have partnered with the revolutionary shipping company, Sendle, to offer 100% carbon neutral shipping on all orders to the United States for a flat rate of $4.99 on all orders under $39.00. Sendle carbon offsets every shipment by investing in renewable energy infrastructure. Read more about their model here.

Forgive Everyone Co is a "Good for Grand Rapids" Business

Good For Michigan brings together and recognizes companies across Michigan that are making a positive impact on their employees, their community, and the environment. This initiative offers resources and best practices for sustainable and social good. We curate educational programming and convene values-aligned businesses that strengthen our economy, create equitable opportunities for our workforce, and work towards a healthier planet.

When you purchase items from Forgive Everyone Co. you can rest assured that they are ethically sourced with great consideration taken for the community, the environment, and the impact we can make with the profits.

Your support of our mission allows us to continue to expand that very mission to reach more and more people and impact more and more lives.

Forgive Everyone