The Future is Abolitionist Sticker Pack

The Future is Abolitionist Sticker Pack

Large vinyl stickers. Durable outdoors for 5+ years, indoors for 10+ years. Stick it on your car, water bottle, laptop, phone, or around your city and start conversations about prison abolition in your community.


Our clothing is designed to spread love and forgiveness and start conversations wherever you go.

We are dedicated to raising awareness and understanding for individuals to society after prison. 20% of our proceeds are donated to non-profits helping formerly incarcerated individuals successfully reenter society.

The rest of the profit funds our initiatives to hear and write the life stories of people coming out of prison which you can read on our blog. In addition to storytelling, purchases from Forgive Everyone help fund our activism and education efforts in the form of journalism, toolkits, zines, and online discussion groups.

Your purchase directly impacts lives of returning citizens, and moves the needle towards creating a more forgiving society; for everyone.


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