Decarcerate Rehabilitate Tee

Decarcerate Rehabilitate Tee

Decarcerate. Rehabilitate. Reject perpetual punishment, domination, and vengeance. Support healing, rehabilitation, and transformation. (See below to read text on the back).


20% of the proceeds from this tee are donated directly to bail funds and abolitionist grassroots organizations. Learn more.


Screen printed, tagged, and folded by formerly incarcerated people, paid a minimum of $15 /hr with full medical benefits. We have shared ownership/profit-sharing with all formerly incarcerated employees.


We use all of the proceeds from sales to develop educational content, hire, train, and empower formerly incarcerated people, and amplify current justice campaigns. Learn about our mission here.


We are worker owned by a multiracial group of people impacted by incarceration. Our only non-impacted employee-owner is our founder, who created Forgive Everyone to raise money for the abolitionist movement.



Yellow Text on Back Reads:

"In the United States, we treat human crisis as crime crisis. In cases of non-violent crime, we generally treat a poverty crisis as a crime crisis, and rather than providing comprehensive financial safety nets and support, we strip all forms of support and isolate individuals in prison. In cases of violent crime, we generally treat a trauma and mental health crisis as a crime crisis, and rather than providing comprehensive mental health services and trauma-informed therapeutic measures, we place individuals in toxic, isolatory confinement, exacerbating mental health issues. We must work to radically reclaim what justice means in America. We must re-invent it in a way that holds people accountable for harm, but recognizes that harm is a result of previous harm, not a result of a ‘bad person’. We must invest more in rehabilitation than incarceration, social support than isolation, and mental health than confinement. Restoration Over Retribution. Healing Over Harm. Community Over Isolation. - The Forgive Everyone Collective -"