Create and Build Print (8.5x11)

Create and Build Print (8.5x11)

Designed and produced by formerly incarcerated people.


The word "Abolition" is as much about building and creating new worlds as it about dismantling oppressive institutions. The worlds we create and build allow for the oppressive systems to be rendered obsolete and eventually done away with completely. Safety is not predicated on caging and killing human beings. Healing is rarely achieved for both those harmed and harm-doers through the current court and prison system. Accountability is not encouraged or supported in such an oppressive system. By funding and supporting initiatives that truly achieve safety, accountability, and healing like transformative justice, comprehensive mental healthcare, equal access to resources and education, and harm reduction, we can create a world that is safe, healed, and accountable, and is free from prisons and endless cycles of revenge.


8.5x11 print, black and light pink on white cardstock paper.


20% of the proceeds from this print are donated directly to bail funds and abolitionist grassroots organizations. Learn more.


Designed and produced by formerly incarcerated people, paid a minimum of $15 /hr with full medical benefits. We have shared ownership/profit-sharing with all formerly incarcerated employees.


We use all of the proceeds from sales to develop educational content, hire, train, and empower formerly incarcerated people, and amplify current justice campaigns. Learn about our mission here.


We are worker owned by a multiracial group of people impacted by incarceration. Our only non-impacted employee-owner is our founder, who created Forgive Everyone to raise money for the abolitionist movement.