Sign This Petition! Release Prisoners, Save Lives in North Carolina.

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

COVID-19 is ripping through prison at record rates. Multiple deaths from the virus have already impacted prisons and jails across the country. Here in Michigan alone hundreds have tested positive and multiple individuals have passed away.

It is a wholly preventable tragedy.

States across the country are taking actions to stem the flow like releasing low-risk and elderly individuals. This petition by The Action PAC is calling for Governer Cooper of North Carolina to do the same by releasing people from his prisons, starting with the following:]

  • All cases without a victim

  • 11,000 individuals scheduled to be released anyway within the next year.

  • 7,000 individuals scheduled to be released within two years

  • Individuals 55 years and older.

Your voice has power. Use it now to help get people free.

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