Clothing Brand Uses Profits to Bail People Out of Jails at Risk of COVID-19

Today the Grand Rapids, MI clothing brand Forgive Everyone Co. released a collection designed to raise funds to bail out pre-trial detainees across the United States.

COVID-19 is sweeping across the nation and many state and local governments have mandated social distancing and shelter-in-place mandates to prevent the spread of the virus. In jails however, social distancing is impossible. Many jails are overcrowded and have poor hygienic standards. They are the perfect environment for the novel coronavirus to spread.

Grand Rapids based clothing brand, Forgive Everyone Co, designed and released their “Decarcerate” collection today, April 3, 2020. 20% of their proceeds from this collection are being donated to support the National Bail Fund Network. The National Bail Fund Network works with bail funds in all 50 states to counter mass incarceration and reduce harm in the communities in which they operate. The rest of the proceeds from sales from the collection will go to fund Forgive Everyone Co.’s advocacy efforts which include criminal justice reform events, storytelling initiatives, and the development of advocacy materials.

Forgive Everyone Co is a social enterprise established in Grand Rapids, MI in May of 2018 by 20-year-old Calvin University student Skyler Rich. It is a social enterprise dedicated to raising awareness and empathy for men and women affected by incarceration. They sell apparel and other merchandise to raise money for nonprofits around the United States that help individuals coming out of prison successfully reenter society.

Their new “Decarcerate” collection features three pieces that are designed to promote forgiveness, decarceration, and humanity.

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