Make Someone Smile Today

Everyone has a life. Everyone around us every day is going to work, school, home; driving around in metal boxes, trying to make it through the day, or week, or month, or year. Some feel like they have a better grip on life than others but universally when you look around at the people driving to their destinations in metal boxes it can be rare to see a smile. Frowns adorn faces across the country and across the world. But I think we can all agree the times we feel most alive are not the times that we have a frown on our face. The times we feel the most alive and the most loved are often the times we are smiling.

Each one of us has the power to change someones life in a small way every single day. Let's go out and make someone smile today. Improve someones day and improve someones life.

Email me if you did something, what you did, and what the persons response was. Love everyone. Make the whole world smile. Forgive Everyone.

Love and more love, for everyone