Clay is a prison reform advocate and activist and an avid member of his community. He owns and operates a small business that is providing mentorship and counseling for men and women across the United States. Although it initially began to help children with incarcerated parents, it has greatly expanded and he now services schools, juvenile detention halls, churches, and more. 

His story is powerful. From a difficult childhood, to employment in the police force and the military, to his unfortunate eventual incarceration due to a variety of unfair and unforeseen circumstances. Clay has a beautiful outlook on life and has used his experience from both sides of the prison walls to inform his work in advocacy and activism. 

Every order from this collection comes with his full story, pictures, and motivation behind the design. Additionally, you can read his story in its entirety on our blog.


The design features razor wire turning into a vine of leaves. This signifies the transition both from incarceration to freedom from behind bars as well as the transition from shame to forgiveness of self. 

The word LIBERATION is stated across the center of the shirt. This is a nod to what Clay stated prominently at the end of our interview with him. He said...

"When I forgave myself, that was Liberation!"

This quote, along with Clay's actual signature are featured at the bottom of the shirt.

20% of the proceeds from this shirt are donated to non-profits providing housing, job-training, and mentorship to formerly incarcerated men and women.


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