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Enron Hubbard

This is Mac Eckstrand, otherwise known as "Enron___Hubbard" on Instagram. He is a local Grand Rapids skater, artist, and advocate, who began working with Forgive Everyone Co. in December. Forgive Everyone Co is dedicated to only hiring individuals who are either formerly/currently incarcerated or advocates in the fight for Criminal Justice reform. Any designer or writer who works with us must demonstrate a passion for the issues and mission that we are fighting for. Mac falls into the advocate category. 

Forgive Everyone Co. will be continuing to work with Mac, or, Enron___Hubbard in the future. Stay tuned.

See his other artwork on his instagram.

"I want everyone to reach their full potential because the world would be a better place for it."​

-Mac Eckstrand

local and personal

This collection was designed and printed entirely here in Grand Rapids, Michigan by both Mac and I. Each shirt is carefully screen-printed by hand in our makeshift "shop" and finished with a tag-less custom label made specially for this collaboration. See the pictures of the production below.

"GROWTH" Collection

Everyone is held back in their life by chains of some sort. Some are literal, some are mental. But we all have them.

What we do with those chains is what defines us.

Choose growth. Choose development.

Learn from your mistakes and grow from them into a new future.

The back of the shirt represents the help we need to grow.

Growth often requires mentors and people beside you to lend a helping hand. That helping hand and mentorship can be the stairway to a door of new possiblities.

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No product

20% of the proceeds from all sales are donated to non-profits working on the ground to provide housing, employment, rehabilitation, and mentorship to men and women coming out of prison and returning into society.

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